T O Y   A U S T R A L I A N   S H E P H E R D   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   A M E R I C A

TASAA, The Toy Australian Shepherd Association of America was founded in 2004 by Ruth Vanderhoof and the founding Board of Directors who had a vision and passion for the Australian Shepherd breed in a smaller package!

T O Y   A U S T R A L I A N   S H E P H E R D   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   A M E R I C A

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Toy Australian Shepherd Association of America's Website.

"Our Mission is to join together and work toward the recognition and betterment of the Toy Australian Shepherd, always keeping in mind that the type (impression) should be that of the Australian Shepherd."

TASAA is always looking for more opportunities to open more venues for showing the Toy Aussies in all areas of dog show competition.  One of those venues is the TASAA Toy Nationals or National Championships that is held annually in different parts of the Country to show off the "best of the best", of the Toy Australian Shepherd Breed.  This is a specialty show for the Toy Aussies and has proved to be a big hit.  TASAA also has incorporated many great educational seminars and hands on handling and grooming seminars as part of the show activities. Making this a great once a year event.  Being crowned the "Best of Show" TASAA National Champion is quite an honor.

TASAA accepts many registries for entering our Nationals including dogs registered with AKC, Namascusa, Mascusa, Masca, IMASC, NSDR and ASDR.   We also ask that you support our breed with your membership to TASAA so that we can continue our growing efforts to insure that the Toy Australian Shepherd has an active voice in the canine community.

We have come a long way and are in our major years of growth for us as we focus on being a vibrant and compelling club with much to offer to all Toy Aussie enthusiasts; both breeders and pet owners alike. TASAA membership is quickly growing with members spread from coast to coast across the United States and also Australia.  Please join us in this great endeavor!



After many years of dedication, endless hours of research and driving passion for our breed by Ruth Vanderhoof and the founding Board of Directors who started this organization; TASAA is now poised as the primary advocacy for the Toy Australian Shepherd. This breed would not be what it is today if not for the efforts of the founders of this organization.  The association was officially formed in February of 2004. This has been a vision and culmination of a group of people that see the Toy Aussie as the smallest version of the Australian Shepherd.  TASAA is a growing group of Toy Aussie enthusiasts that understand the importance of net working and sharing knowledge, and standing behind those that have volunteered their efforts to make this happen.

Our goal is to improve the type and structure of the breed through close examination of the breed standard, and breeders educations on the importance of health issues such as Hip ratings and Eye certifications. The breed is genetically old, but the Toy Aussie has had little structure in the recording of its evolution in the past. TASAA and its members will work together to help bring a better light to its validity.The ultimate goal is for the Toy Australian Shepherd to be recognized as a size variation.